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small speakers

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Hey y'all- I'm considering buying some smaller speakers for work - some outdoor use, so not too heavy; pole-mountable, and something in the realm of 250-300 watts@8ohm (they'd be used either with Yorkville 400W amps or a Fender 300W powered mixer). Brand/model recommendations? Thanks Ben
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I use both [url=http://www.carvin.com]Carvin[/url] and [url=http://www.avatarspeakers.com]Avatar[/url] Loudspeakers for my pa system. Both of these are real quality units with a very good price. Avatar uses Eminence bass speakers with Eminence or Fostex horn tweeters. Carvin, I'm not sure, they don't say but I thing the tweeters are piezo's. The Carvins are 12", 300 watt & weight about 35lbs. The Avatars are 15", 400 and weight about 48lbs. Both have pole recesses & hand grips. If it's a larger area I use the Avatar 15's & the Carvin 12's as monitors. If it's a small area I just use the Carvin 12's. Works fine for me.


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