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NYC "crackdown" on music?

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Maybe I'm just paranoid, but ... In the last week I've had two $$ gigs cancelled by clubs that got fined for hosting music w/o a license; I had a buddy whose band got slapped with a $500 fine for flyering; and the sound guy at a Bleeker St. club told me before we started playing that we had to "keep it low" because his club, along with every bar/club on the "Strip" between Bowery and 6th Ave, had been hit with a warning & fine for noise violations. Anyone else running into this?
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Yo... Something similar happened in Philly about eight years ago. Bands were busted for hanging show flyers (mine was one of them) and clubs were busted for noise ordinances, etc. Within a couple months, three or four cool venues were shut down and the number of posted show flyers had seriously dwindled in the "hip" area of town. City govmt. people would actually show up at the venues and give the artists a hassle about the flyers -- they came to one of my gigs and held up the show until they found out what band put up the posters and issued a warning to every band at the place. They told us if we didn't get the flyers down, the club would be fined about $200. per poster. Needless to say, we denied everything, but (out of respect to the club owner), we agreed to take down as many of the posters as possible. That was one sucky time. The club got shut down anyway -- the Govmt. peeps were clearly asking for a bribe (rubbing their fingers together while they were talking to the owner!!), but our buddy wasn't into it. He was then cited for noise violations, insufficient signage, and something about the bathrooms. Anyway, the legal stuff really changed the way bands promote shows in Philly, and it's also made a lot of the clubs "toe the line" a little more stringently in terms of greasing whatever wheels need to be greased. Good luck.



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Ironic - I just got off the phone with a friend about something like this. Drove past a club located about half a mile from my house and noticed 6 police cars across the street, parked side by side in the parking lot of a closed grocery store... sort of positioned in the dark as if they're just cars parked there. My guess was that for some reason they were about to shut down this club across the street... I suppose once again they didn't pay their, ahem... (cough).... "license fees".

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