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intermittent connections?

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I have had two channels of an Alesis ADAT which have been failing to playback for a couple of months. The channels show output on the meter when either a tape is played, or in the input mode with signal applied, but the signal does not seem to come out of the rear panel. I have tried switching cable harnesses (Elco-type connector) with no change. I have tried ohmmetering the connections and find them to be good, and plugging into the jacks for the mixer channels associated shows the mixer to be ok. The output from the -10dBm RCA jack for these channels is good. Today, while doing some testing, I inadvertently jacked my way into feedback. Following the feedback, these channels have returned! A Mackie service person once told me to play loud signal into my control room monitor output for a while to see if it would come back. It was displaying the same kind of deal as the ADAT, signal level extremely low and distorted. It worked! I'm delighted that these signals are back, I didn't want to part with the machine for service. I have just lived with it by not using the channels. Can anyone explain what phenomenon causes this to happen? It must not be a special case, in that the Mackie service engineer knew what to do.
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Sounds like the connections on the pcb for the outputs jacks has either a cracked or cold solder joint. Hitting it with a hot signal is enough to temporarily get a good connection. Try wiggling the rca outputs during playback. If the connection shows intermittancy, This is the problem. Jsut open the unit and resolder the connections from the PCB to the RCA connectors.

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