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Hey, I have no schematics, but the basic principle is that a speaker is blasting your guitar signal up the tube. You could probably make one w/ one of those small practice amps in a box w/ a hole the size of the tube you want to use. Then just put the tube in your mouth , and mic it up. Go through the vowel sounds to get a feel for it. Peace

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The previous answer is on the right track... but the "Talk Box" normally uses a throated PA driver with the tube attached to that throat... Plug it into an external speaker jack for your amp. The amp drives the speaker / driver, which forces the sound up the tube, where it is effected / processed by the way you hold your mouth (changing your mouth position creates differences in the oral cavity volume and changes the tone, producing the distinctive "talking" sound). Of course, you have to mic your MOUTH to get any kind of reasonable volume out to the audience... [img]http://www.freakygamers.com/smilies/s2/contrib/navigator/usa.gif[/img] Phil O'Keefe Sound Sanctuary Recording Riverside CA http://www.ssrstudio.com pokeefe777@ssrstudio.com
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