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Anderton as an assignment

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so in class today we were discussing digital automation and syncronization, and one of the things he told us to research was "craig andertons aritcle on "understanding syncronization" " i found it at the alesis site: http://www.alesis.com/support/cc/sync.html it was a refreshing review. thanx craig! I just thought it was cool to hear your name in class
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[quote]Originally posted by Anderton: [b]That wasn't Dave Bradfield by any chance, was it?[/b][/quote]HEY! I had Bradfield's classes at CSU Dominguez Hills, a little school that spawned quite a few of us in the goofy audio industry. The studio there was originally set up by Marcus Ryle. This was...oh...twelve years ago, or slightly more. And we had Craig's books as class textbooks. Really. I ended up doing my required independent study by doing studio internships (yech) and by teaching beginning recording and music synthesis...that was way cool. I've lost touch with Dave Bradfield. The last I'd heard, he wqas more into flying little planes than he was music technology, but what a great scholastic program that was back in the late '80s. - Jeff
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