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While my ukulele gently weeps.

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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

Somebody posted this recently on the guitar forum. He's a wonderful musician!

Don't read the guitarforum very often sorry,..


I loved this clip. I have a ukelele myself and don't even know how to tune it ;)

Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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It's particularly fitting, as the uke was allegedly George's favorite instrument. He collected them, and according to rumor, he'd show up at odd junk shops in towns he'd visit, looking for old ukuleles.
"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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During Paul McCartney's last tour he did a version of "Something" on a uke, and they reprised it on the Concert for George. George loved uke's and I am sure he would have loved this.



"It's all good: Except when it's Great"

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