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could you give me some advice on replacing my interface

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Ok, i got rid of my solo. Now i expect to spend about $500 on a new interface, and dont need more than 4 ins (2 analog 2 digital) and the same for outputs. 2 pre amps. And i would like really good (for the money) ADC's. Some advice? I dont know if the FW serie of M aucio has the same ADC as the solo, but while i was happy with my interface i was never "that happy", i mean i dont know if it was the TS inputs or the ADC but i felt like something was missing. I was thinking about the i88X from yamaha too, now they are very cheap. Do they really have the same preamps as yamaha digital mixers? isnt it a risk to but something mLan? it could disappear or something? Thaks.
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Firebox from presonus.

4 analogue in. 6 Analogue out. S/pdif and Midi I/O.

Low latency drivers, and pretty good Mic-pre's as well.

Very compact, and very sturdy.

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Until I saw the bit about needing two mic amps, I was gonna suggest the DAL Card Deluxe. I've got one and it is great in a pristine kind of way.


If I were gonna get something new, the first thing on my list would be the EMU 1820. Check it, more than you need (so you can grow if need be) and suppose to have the same converters as some very expensive stuff.

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