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recovering lost email??? help!!

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dang damn barf - my wife's laptop went south, and i had to have her HDD recovered at a local geek shop (at ridiculous expense) to get her user files, photos, email, etc. well, even with several previous warnings about archiving her email into folders, she had about 1700 emails (about 24MB) in her inbox, and sure enough, when i tried to import her old inbox into her new laptop (outlook express), it would not work - probably corrupted somehow, as outlook has a known problem of corruption when inbox gets too large.


is there any way i can salvage her inbox email messages? thanks.


sunridge studios

salem, oregon

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I'd make multi back ups of the file, then start picking at it with various email client softwre, trying things such as netscape, thunderbird, etc.


There are some tools kicking abtuo the web that repair these things too, but youa re looking at additional cost. I ahve used some as needed. Here is one link to get you started.


Remember, work from a DUPE of the file(s). The data is probably there, it is usually just the index that is hosed.




If you get in a pinch, you can mail me the drive and I'll take a shot at it, and if I get it, you pay me what you think is fair. PM on this.


You could also go talk to the local geeks and see if they are symathetic. They might do it free ( I would) as it is will be good biz and good word of mouth for them.



Good luck

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I have struggled with this in OE5. Does mail always live as a .dbx file, or is it sometimes buried in the registry? I had a drive that migrated from ME to XP home and I swear that there was more mail on that drive than I could find using things like Search and Recover.
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