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Internet and forum search results

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I don't know what the pace is for number of web pages on the net but it blows my mind how search engines can find stuff among billions of pages. Within seconds. I wonder if there will be a saturation limit. A point where pages overwhelm the system and search results get worse.


Got any tips for how you find stuff you know is on this forum? Often, I cannot find a post that I know was done on here after trying every search term I can think of. Via the forum search and also Google.

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Too many people use certain techniques and terms in their pages to ensure they come up high on the list of results in Google and the sponsored links get in the way too :mad: I keep meaning to research a better search engine that isn't enslaved to corporate sponsors, any suggestions anyone??


As for in here, not really, I've had the same problems, especially if I wrote it, if I changed my name to Z@rquw&n it might help eliminate all of the posts about people being off-base :D Sticking longer strings in "'s sometimes helps, but you have to be accurate in typing it, don't know if the engine in here takes wild cards...

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