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OT ingdirect.com savings account

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Anybody ever delt with these folks.


A recent TV ad promotes their current savings account interest rate at 3% with no fees or minimums..


My bank (PNC) offers a measly .25% plus fees below a $300 minimum.


I did read a few bad reviews from a handful of customers who'd experienced withdrawal delays, persistent technical problems, poor customer service and the like but I was wondering if anyone here had any first hand reports.


Most of the reviews are positive though.



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this is a great place to save money. i highly recommend it. it also has an auto deposit feature that helps you put away x amount every month if you like. another benefit to help you to save is that if you need the money it might take a day or two to transfer back over to your regular account. sometimes help to stave off impulses to draw on the money.


anyways, a great cost effective, and simple way to save.

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The only safe bank is a piggy bank. For a potentially good return, invest in real estate. Banks are in the business of MAKING money, not handing it out, unless it's already yours.



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