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Another name for alt-country

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I usually refer to this type of stuff as Americana...it DAMN sure ain't country for the most part...


Now, most of the stuff you hear on "country" stations...I refer to it as bubble-gum country...The Archies with a fiddle and steel guitar...stupid haircuts and ain't got enough sense to tuck in their shirt tails.


Another commonly used phrase for this kind of music is "Texas Country." Where they got THAT I'll never know - to me, Texas music is Bob Wills, Waylon Jennings, George Straight, Tommy Morrell and the Time Worp Tophands, pretty much ANY western swing, Asleep at the Wheel, etc...




In the 70s/80s we called in "pop-country"... in the 90s it was "Urban Country"...


The only reason I see to label any of it is so they know which charts to track it on anyway.

So What ARE We Gonna Do With 8 Tracks...Fire the Arranger?
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The only other term I've ever heard used as a synonym for alt-country is No Depression.


But I'm keen to guess.






I Can't Believe It's Not Country

Country, It's What's For Dinner

Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Country

Tori Amos' Ass Cheeks B3 Country

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Alt-country is not contemporary country. Contemporary country is what you hear on the radio.


Wireline, I couldn't follow your post, you seemed to kind of wander around, haha. But "Texas country" is not contemporary country, it's more like alt-country. To me, country-rock, often with a lyrical edge. Often has more rebellious lyrics than contemporary country. And artists who are more rebellious than the pretty boys from Nashville.


Back to the original post, I think she probably said "contra-country" or "counter-country" and I think it might have been a faux pas for "alt-country."


Aw, screw it. Viva la Steve Earle!

> > > [ Live! ] < < <

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