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POLL: What Technology Do You Use for Your Main Audio Interface?

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I just resample each track on my workstation and transfer 'em via USB to the Powerbook.>>


Sounds like a "USB" interface to me -- you capture audio on the workstation, then send via USB to your Powerbook.

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Well... I have all of them... but then it´s PCI for my main Audio PC. It runs pretty good Pro Tools M-Powered and all the other programs.


For "Live Pro" or Studio situations it is FireWire 400 for my MAC Powerbook and PC Laptop.


... but for very very portable situations -such like making music in the airports in between fligts-, I´m still on USB bus-powered interfaces since they consume less energy from my portable machines batteries.


Choices... choices... gotta love´em.

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MOTU 896 Firewire into G4 1.25 Ghz.

Very happy with the quality and ease of use. Now that I have income again, I will be looking to add another one in the near future, hopefully before the end of '05.

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Originally posted by Magpel:

All right, I want to know who the one guy/gal is who claims to stuill be using an ISA card!

Well, I'm NOT that guy. My main interface uses a pci card (Delta 1010).


But I still occasionally use an ISA Turtle Beach Pinnacle in an old P1 that I keep just for the purpose. Just 'cuz it's almost 10 years old doesn't make it junk.


I keep it primarily for MIDI sequencing these days, but those 20-bit convertors can still do pretty fine audio IMHO.

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Firewire 400. I'm using the Metroc Halo 2882+dso and ULN-2. I love 'em. I also have thhe Motu 2408mkII and 1224 but have to upgrade my 324 PCI card which I guess now I'll do. I'll try to see if I can get all of them to run together in Tiger and DP.

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I'm still carving out the premise using PCI.


I've had the glitchies and did a reinstall of the RME and the (Brand...Audio/MIDI platform) last night.


I'm used to Cubase and Nuendo so for me the jury's out for a while but at least I was tracking untill midnight after a few swell or is that swill hours of non-musical teaking.



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I answered FW400, since my MOTU 828mkII is what I'm mostly working on right now, working off my laptop.


But after I build my next desktop (around some kind of Pentium M, I swear), I suspect I'll go back to using my Echo Mia PCI card (along with my SB Live for Soundfont DSP). Of course, whatever I build will have FW so I can go either way, which will be potentially important, since the analog i/o on the Mia is stereo, and the MOTU offers 10/12.

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I use a Echo Layla PCI Card, and I must say over the past year or two of having it, it has become a wise purchase. I'm pretty happy with it.

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I'm appalled that you assume that I put audio into a computer. There should at least be an option on the poll for "don't use a computer".



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I voted PCI because it is perhaps closest to what I use. . .

which is PC cardbus RME to Multiface on laptop/notebook.




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