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Logiconizer 1.0 The easiest way to manage Apple's Logic icons FREE

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. You can visually load custom icons in a Logiconizer record

- Logiconizer Imports in a record your Logic icons for backup

- Logiconizer renames them automatically

- Logiconizer exports an icon record in the Logic Pro 6 and 7 icons folders.

- Build infinite full Logic icons sets, and recall them later

- Bring it with you in the studio , and apply your icons to the studio's project

- Use it to exchange full icons sets with your fellows

- Icons are stored in it's database, making it a real Logic icon Caveau.



Logiconizer is FREE to download as Standalone (Carbon, Filemaker 7 Runtime) or as Filemaker 7 document.


Size: Standalone: 27MB, Filemaker document: 3MB



Download: www.logicprofiles.com

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Originally posted by theblue1:

Okay... I'm not a logic user. Why would a DAW need little pictures?

Quick visual identification. Where's the guitar track? By the guitar. Logic has these already built-in, and this is supposed to give you more pics to choose from.


Works well for some people - I had a buddy who used to draw pictures on his board tape, instead of writing. This is the equivalent.

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:DChris. I love the looks I get from young guys on live gigs when I start drawing arrows to indicate vocal mic positions instead of names. Or SR, SL USC, DSC, or draw a star for the lead vocal.


The idea is sound, IMO, for a DAW. I can't imagine it takes more than a miniscule amount of resources to accomplish puttng custom pics to various tracks, and it can do a LOT towards making the client comfortable. What if I put an icon of their face to their track? There are all kinds of possibilities.


One of my favorite features of N-track had nothing to do with audio. The background was a .bmp picture. As with desktop wallpaper, I could put whatever image I chose as the background on N-track simply by changing the file labelled, "timeline.bmp" I saved the original as "timeline original.bmp" should I ever want it back and saved many bmp's in the N-track folder for when I decided to switch to another. It would've been nice if I could have opened a small program like the Logic Iconizer to make the switch rather than search through files (this was on Win98) and rename the appropriate files.


That said, I understand BrittanyLips frustration. Tron has been trolling under several different screennames and has generally been an ass to... well, pretty much to everyone. :rolleyes:

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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And using little pictues is better than color coding tracks because of why?


Maybe it's 'cause I'm 'trapped' on a 1280 x 800 laptop screen, but there aren't too many extra pixels of screen real estate left in my work environment.


Sometimes there's a fine line between cute and silly. But, hey, having the option is nice, I'm sure...



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Neil, I understand the trolling reaction. Still, it wouldn't hurt to put it in check when someone's posting something semi-useful.


blue - how many colors can you look at & differentiate? If you have a lot of types of instruments in one piece you'll end up grouping by type - which is fine, until you want specifics. Imagine, for the sake of argument, that you multi-tracked an orchestra, 1 instrument at a time. Color-coding is going to help you differentiate sections, but not instruments - unless you start using shades, pastels, etc.


Besides that, you are translating to use colors; you have to remember that blue=guitars, red=keys, what have you. With icons, you don't. Want keys? Look for the keyboard. Kick drum? Find the kick.


I'm not trying to convert you, but it is a valid tool, not just "cute". If color-coding works for you, fine. I think that icons are fine too.

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OK, ribbing aside, I think it's a good feature to have (and I'm sure you can turn it off).


Yes, it does seem a trifle silly to me, but if it works for someone else, they really shouldn't worry what I or anyone else think.


[And, it must be noted that I pretty well hate overly iconized interfaces, since, in 90% of the cases I'm dependent on 'tool tips' (those little mouse over labels that pop up when you linger over icons in a carefully iplemented interface) since I can almost never figure out what the icons are supposed to represent. I end up remembering the functions of most icons not by their putative symbolic 'content' but usually by their position in/on the interface. Which is certainly not how it's supposed to work...]


Frankly, few of my projects have so many tracks that I get confused. I work more in the way of hiding/unhiding -- which works well for me, keeps tracks I'm not working on out of my way (and out of the way of clumsy mouse clicks, etc).


But I realize that with theatre work, foley, soundtracks, etc, a project, or just big, contempo-pop albums, one can end up with a huge number of tracks.


Whatever works for a given user to sort them out is good, for sure.

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100 new members today. Thanks folk to bash the product. Sometimes bashing is the best advertising.


The most comprehensive Logic Files resource and sharing Portal.

(just started!)


Logic Icons



Channel Strips

Settings (with audio demo!)

Online Collaborations


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