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Well, I did it!! After nearly 7 years with the same outfit, seeing it all the way from a small startup to being bought and integrated into a large multi-billion dollar company, I'm free again!! Woohoo! :thu:


I resigned my WLAN reference design job earlier today! What a relief!! I've landed a primo new job at a very neat early stage semiconductor startup company and will be starting there very soon.


I'm going to have to work longer hours for sure, but I'm actually looking forward to that. :)


Everything seemed to fall into place with this new outfit. The commute is short and sweet, I know lots of the people there already, my skills/experience fit the position's needs like a glove, they courted me, the offer was outstanding etc. etc. It was a no brainer decision.


With any luck, I'll be retiring in a few years! Keep your fingers crossed for me....



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Good luck indeed. Having recently retired from a programmer/analyst position with 2 nights a week gigs to no day gig and 5 nights a week music (plus the studio projects, etc.) - it's a great feeling to know you're free of the non-essential moneymaking BS and can concentrate on the muse...


Look forward to it!

Dasher - don't ask me about those other reindeer, all I can tell you is Comet's in the sink!
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WLAN = Wireless Local Area Networking = WiFi = IEEE802.11a/b/g/n


I designed things like the Apple Airport Extreme, Dell/HP WLAN cards, WLAN access points & routers for Linksys etc.


I can't say anything about the new company as they are in stealth mode (probably until the end of this year) ;)



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Originally posted by Dave, the Rave:



Yep. The P50 board (otherwise known as the AAE) is one of my designs (amongst many others).





Well, with a resume like that, it´s almost for sure you will be fine in this new job.




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at Fender Musical Instruments Company


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I invented the strawberry. As you probably know, it has become a very popular fruit, eaten in a number of deserts, salads, and by itself.


You should've heard the folks at corporate when I showed them the prototype:


"yeah, we like the flavor, but a red fruit that's all seeds... I just don't know if the public is ready."


But I stuck to my guns and the rest, as they say, is milkshake history.


I have designed some other fruits as well, but I like to think of the strawberry as my best work.


-Peace, Love, and Brittanylips

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What's that old joke about a sausage maker....something about putting lots of bread in the middle to make ends meat?....no that's not it....what is it?


Thanks for the best wishes guys - appreciated! It's going to be a whole new challenge (not WLAN - bigger market than that...), but it's going to be fun and hopefully very lucrative ultimately.




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