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System of a Down's new CD - random observations

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Don't know if anyone listens to this, but I have the new one, "Mesmerize".


First thing I noticed was, "Jeeeeez, this thing seems WAY LOUDER than my other CDs!!!" It's brutally loud and pummeling. I don't know how mastering engineers keep squeezing dBs out of these little shiny silver discs, but it's really something.


It's actually a pretty cool disc. The musicianship is very tight, and there's lots of very tight, right-on-the-dime stops, neck-snapping transitions, soft-LOUD-soft passages, and the like while still being quite "musical" and fairly original sounding for a commercial rock band.


But the vocals...the vocals sound like the guy's completely unhinged. If you've heard "Toxicity" or "Steal This Album", you'll kinda know what I mean. The "la-la-la-la-la" passages peppered throughout the album sound like someone's entering complete dementia. Fun!!

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One of the few Metal bands I kinda dig. I'm fond of their very dry sound. They have a brutal and very sincere sound.

I don't have any of their albums, but I loved the song Toxicity. The one I've heard recently is BYOB.


I agree, they have a very charismatic vocalist.


My wife likes the NuMetal thing. I'll listen occasionally, but I can't take very much because ALL of the songs pretty much sound the same. But when SOAD comes on, I turn it UP!

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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BlueStrat, I don't recall any cool guitar solos. It's just good as a whole, I think. I hafta hear the new NIN. Only heard two songs from it so far, but I like both of them. What's weird about Audioslave for me is that I like Cornell's voice and Morello's playing, but for some reason, Audioslave doesn't really do it for me.


Back to System of a Down for a moment - is the thing actually much louder than a lot of your other CDs? Just curious. I had to lunge for my volume control when it first came on because it's so much louder than the rest of the stuff in my car stereo.

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