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can anyone help me repair a problem with WinXP?

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Last night, realized we got hit with some spyware. First, a program called Waresweep auto installed, and then a prompt advising "windows explorer not responding" kept popping up every fifteen seconds.

I cleaned things up with Ad-Aware/Spybot/Hijack. Also used a product called Spyware Doctor to find every random bit of crap that got on our PC.

Worked well, but I can't get rid of the "windows explorer not responding" box every 15 seconds.


This spyware deleted my restore points, so I can't go back to an earlier config (I've done this in the past as a quick workaround). Also don't want to do a reformat as there's a ton of stuff on there that I need to back up (d'oh!).


Can anyone point me in a direction to safely repair my basic OS to a normal running state without this prompt freezing my computer over and over again?


Many thanks in advance,


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Put in your XP CD, and you should have an option to "repair" as opposed to starting over from scratch. Choose this option and it'll install over itself...You might need to re-install those pesky "security updates" from the Microsoft site, though.
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Thanks Funkman / Dak, appreciate the help.

I'm at work now, I'll be home in five hours to and will see if it lets me do the repair thing. Last night it wouldn't but that was early in the game, maybe today it's more willing to work with me.....

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