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Vital tool for your next business meeting...

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Originally posted by Tedster:

Bullshit Generator


You can use it to:


> architect scalable e-commerce


> iterate out-of-the-box e-business


> facilitate killer infrastructures


> incentivize granular partnerships


Or any one of thousands of equally meaningless functions...

Well, my new business is based around exploiting sticky initiatives, reinventing visionary synergies,

optimizing impactful web services, unleashing seamless paradigms, and reintermediating out-of-the-box paradigms all in an attempt to rip off our customers. :thu:

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"Don't you worry about _____. Let me worry about _____!"


Where's Flemtone when you need him.... :D:D




"I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way....BRUTALLY!!!!"
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