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I'm in the process of purchasing new studio gear and wanted to find out what the bear neccessities would be? Because of my budget, over the years I've had to use "get-by" equipment. The things I'm most interested in are mics, mic preamps, and compressors. I'm going to be running Paris Pro 3.0 with Waves plugins for the system.


What I don't want to have happen is purchase gear that will set on the shelf. Any input would be truly appreciated.

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Just curious. Why Paris ? I do remember reading great reviews about it backin it's day, but when I do a google search the last upgrade was 2001 ?

There are programs today that seem cutting edge, Steinbergs Cubase SX, Cakewalk/Sonnar,(Logic Mac only),. ?


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First off, thank you both for your replies.


Why Paris? I really like the sound and have used one over the past 5 years, so I know it inside and out. It's the closest thing I've personally heard to analog coming from the digital side. Something else I really like about it are the cards. Instead of tying into the resources of the computer, the cards handle most of the load. Also, I'm trying to link up with the studio back home which is another Paris system.


One of my biggest problems is the studio is going to be in my condo...I know, it sux, but it's my only option right now. At least I can use the bathroom to record tracks in and use the room where the computer will be in for my control room.


The thing I'm most interested in is trying to buy the "right" gear. To spend 2 grand for something you're not going to use, then sell it for a loss will break me. That's why I'm trying to do as much research as possible now. Any suggestions for mics, mic preamps, studio monitors, headphones, etc?

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The best gear in the world is a waste of money of you don't have a properly tuned room inwhich to hear it all accurately. Just because you live in a condo doesn't mean you can't treat the room properly.


Monitors are a personal taste issue, some will rave of a brand xyz, others will call them shite. You need to audition a short list in your tuned room to see which work best for you. Here we use JLB LSR 28P's and Yamaha NS-10's with Hafler power. The new KRK's and JBLs are great, many like the new Events, and then there's the Mackie 824 and 624. I personally do NOT like the Mackies (particularly the 824's) but therer are those who do.


A basic arsenal of mics would include a pair of SDC and LDC, a handful of dynamics; couple 57's, maybe a 421 or e609, a ribbon or two, and a tube mic or two. Myself I am a fan of Audio Technica 4041's for SDC, and AGK 414's for LDC. The Sennheiser e609 silver is the best $100 you can spend, and the Rode NTK tube mic is just simply amazing, and the best $400 you can spend on a mic. There are several new, low budget ribbons that sound great, Nady, Oktavia, etc.


We have several pair of Sony MDR 7506's that musicians love for tracking, and 2 pr of AKG 240's as well. Headphones of course whould NOT be used for any serious mixing, due to the inaccuracy of the closed environment, and the hazard of ear fatigue.


Second to that properly tuned room is great converters both AD and DA. If you have great gear but crappy converters you'll never hear what it really sounds like.

Hope this is helpful.


NP Recording Studios

Analog approach to digital recording.

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If you tell more details (what kind of music, how many simultaneous inputs you need, what quality you need, what your budget, that kind of thing), you can probably get more specific answers. But I'd agree that good-quality monitoring is very very important.


Does the Paris already come with high-quality converters?

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