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When the hell will intrusive ads STOP?!

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So I'm looking at my AIM buddy list and WOOSH this skateboarder is flying across my screen. No I'm not on acid! It flew off the fricken ad box and went back in. There was a little button to close the ad. I see these types of ad COVERING UP CONTENT on websites. This is like, abusing the power of Flash, right next to creating atrocious completely-Flash websites with no HTML-alternative for dial-up users. It's as if big animated GIF ads don't get enough of our attention, they've had to use Flash to get characters and bullshit to pop out in our face over what we are currently reading or viewing or using. It's worse than e-mail spam, IMO.
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I'm fine with AIM, and the intrusive ad thing doesn't happen nearly enough to bother me. This is the first time it happened actually. Previously I had a couple audio ads for films that got me wondering where the hell the sound came from...


At least I don't have any ads in iChat.

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Here is how I canned all that nonsense. First of all, if a sight uses flash, sorry folks, I am not going to see it.


In Internet explorer, go to "tools> manage add-ons"


Then, Disable them all.


I even have Java turned off!

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Bill's got a point.


For a while I was running with Flash turned off (in IE, Internet Options / Security Tab / Custom Level Button / ActiveX Controls and Plug-Ins... disable the options as desired; definitely disable unsigned controls, etc, as a matter of course).


Seriously, you don't miss much at all. Hundreds of ads and the occasional annoying band splash page.


I used to have a little utility that turned Flash on and off in IE with one click; can't recall what it's called.



PS... Ryst, good choice on the avatar. ;)

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Trillian, eh? I'll have to find that!


I have friends I'd like to have contact with at work, but AIM (and AOL, of course) are to malware-esque for me to risk loading on the work 'puter.


Is Trillian like the Quicktime, REAL and other obnoxious-program-alternatives linked in other threads recently?

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