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Fonzi would have loved this.

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Lately my computer has been locking up and freezing. I shut it off and can't seem to get it back on until I HIT IT a few times. Everything seems to be solid. I checked that the I/O cards and memory are firmly seated, but sometimes nothing will get this thing started except a good WHACK. When it locks up, the video goes black and I hear the what sounds like an endless loop (buzz) to the soundcard. Then I can't even get the PS fan to start up.


Any ideas. I'm wondering if my old 32 meg AGP video card needs upgrading.





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Sounds alot like a hard drive gone south Dan. I had one old computer that was about the same. The PS fan wouldn't run and I tried everything else with no luck. I finally, out of desperation, plugged in a different hard drive & the thing started up and still runs fine. It made no difference if the hard drive was master of slave either. When it was plugged in, no go.


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