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I just saw a commercial...

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...for one of those "mini warehouses" or "storage businesses" (like U-Haul storage) where they are inviting Bands to set up and practice in them, complete with air conditioning.


Sounds like a damn nice alternative.


Talking about a "garage band", there you have it.


Sounds pretty cool...but LOUD!!! Yes, it would be loud.

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That's pretty wild.


I have to say, though, that I've spent some pretty miserable short periods of time in storage facilities (w/o air, to be sure). When I've heard of people living in them I just shudder... I guess it all depends on the place.


Best practice spot I ever used was a converted art deco dentist's office -- a pretty sprawling one. They had a dedicated recording studio separate (and sound iso'd) from it. A handful of mics, a PA, and Robbie the drummer (an old, 70's Roland drum machine suitable for organ lounge exotica) came with the place, which had a funky but serviceable kitchen as well. We always made sure there was plenty of beer. The room was huge, and had two or three couches scattered around so you could do small show/parties. We only did that once, but it was a lot of fun. We had about thirty people in there and it wasn't any worse than a sweaty, claustrophobic coctail party... er...

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There used to be a legend around here about a longshoreman at the port who set up a groovy batchelor pad in an air conditioned shipping container, complete with stereo, black light, and water bed. It was, according to the version I heard, only an inopportune physical act inadvertantly somehow puncturing the waterbed and causing a sudden and massive leak that brought attention, a short suspension (tough, tough union) and, sadly, the loss of his secret hideaway.
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When i was in a band in Arizona in the early 90s we rented a "band room" in an old warehouse. Some real estate tycoon had 3 of them in the same area, and built in all these practice rooms with thick soundproofing in the walls, lighting, and a small refrigerator. It was pretty cool, i thought, except that you shared the air with everyone else, so if someone was blazing it up down the hall it came in through the ventilation system. Shared bathrooms too :eek:


It had a neat "atmosphere" though. Walking down the hall, each band had their poster or promo pic on their door. There'd always be guys in various wild outfits coming in and out of the place all the time.


If i had the $$ i would buy up an old warehouse and get into that sort of thing myself.

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