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M-audio usb streaming (studio recording)

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I bought the M-audio Pre-mobile device couple of months ago... Its really sweet, but it seems like its pretty useless when recording multiple tracks in programs like Logic. I have a ok PC (amd64 2400, 1500megs of ram), but after recording 3-4 tracks with effects, I get an Asio overflow message.


My guess is that the USB port can`t handle too much information/streaming. Im I right?


So.. Should I sell my Pre-amp and buy myself a M-audio sound card instead?..


But are the M-audio cards powerfull enough to mount instruments (guitar, bass) or do I need additional devices..?


..Oh.. The purpose for using the equipment is for producing finished ideas for my band, so the amount of money that goes into equipment should be reasonble..


Thanks for helping me, before I buying :)



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