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Ebay scammer hijacked my account!

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Originally posted by Jeff Da Weasel:

I get the "hijacked account" spam often. Since I don't have an eBay or Paypal account, it means something else... that someone spoofed my email address. Not a good thing, but I'm not out any money, which is all that really matters.


- Jeff

My yahoo email is being impersonated too. And Yahoo impersonation link is non-responsive. Slowly

 "Let It Be!"

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Originally posted by Steve LeBlanc:

sorry but....hahaha

And what is so funny about what happened?

I find it rather worrying that any wanker can walk into your private buisness and try and scam those who work hard to do things in the right way.

Its funny only till it happens to you...it would serve well to remember that!

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I'm sorry Shars...I assumed you just followed a link on a bogus email that was sent to you by a scammer and sorted it out already...yes the bogus paypal scam emails are fucked but they're also the very simple kind of con that everyone should already be on the lookout for. The internet is still a wide open medium.


I hope I'm right, that nothing is wrong with your ebay account...if not, you did get hacked in a weird way...that sucks...sorry for my confusion.


Do make sure you're dealing with ebay directly and not through any other links


good luck and yeah, all email scams/crimes really suck

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Steve, no need for apologies.

I followed no links at all in any form what so ever, I was just made aware of what happened over night by ebay theirselves and then I went into my account as I normally do via my bookmarks to put it all right.

Weird is not the way it happened, but its all up and running again and totally secure and the guys who hijacked my account? well they are about to have their ISP connections taken of line and good ridence to with no prospect of getting online for a long time! :mad:

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