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horrible personal spam and ask for help

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I'm sorry to put this message here also but something just happened in my private life and I need some $ to keep my car.

I sold my old car and bought this Volkswagen Beetle I fell in love with as most of you know.


Now some ghost from the past comes along and it turns out I'm set back a few thousand $$$ which I don't have.


Only thing I could think of was to sell my newly purchased oldtimer.


I changed my website to a cry for help.


All I can think of right now is to ask everyone I know for a Dollar and If they can't afford that just to pass the link to my website and ask people to pass that link again.


Man I sound like a Nigerian Scam artist but all you guys know I'm not,...


Here's my link : website link


I won't bother you guys for a while until I have this shit sorted out.


Sorry for this Spam thing here Craig,.. you can delete this thread anytime and I won't be offended if you did.


Thanks people,.. love Boosh

Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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Damn, wish i had a paypal account :(


Sorry to hear about this Boosh, but i'll see what I can do.


It makes it hurt even more that you gave it the "BooshBucket" name that I suggested :(


Hold fast my friend.

Dr. Seuss: The Original White Rapper



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In high school I asked everyone I knew for a penny for lunch. I ended up with a weeks worth of lunch money. How much to donate a dollar even with the paypal tax? Slowly

 "Let It Be!"

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