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East Coast Jam roll call

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The time is coming up fairly soon - July 16th.


I've only had email responses from 5 folks so far.


Please email ecj@tinderarts.com if you think you'll be coming.


I don't mind a small event, I'll simply move it to my house if that's the case. I'm looking forward to seeing ya'll. :D

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You're serving rolls? Yippee!!!!


Damn! I can't believe only five people responded.


Get it together people. Do you know how much fun this could be? Don't you wanta meet the people here? Don't you wanta play music, drink beer, stay up late, act crazy, eat grilled poodle? Don't you wanta see me make a total ass of myself?

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I tell you what, contact John Clark at 'Up all night productions / studios in BTM MD and have him come. He can fill in for me. You will not be dissapointed!!!


That date range..I will be out of pocked unfortunantly..


Do give John a call.

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OK Im not so good at committments.

However, I'll make this happen.

My wife just gave me permission and I have way more vacation time at work than I can take this year.


I think its about a 6 hours drive from Roch.


Wewus, Im counting on you for the yoohoo.


Tinder, can I play the role of the chipmonk?


Just dont expect me to dance.


So who are the others?


Do you guys know house of the rising sun? :D

Check out some tunes here:


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http://static.thepiratebay.org/theme/01/images/smilies/band.gif <--- you guys


http://static.thepiratebay.org/theme/01/images/smilies/beer.gif <---- me


What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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I guess people are afraid to commit because of other possible events, and being Summer and all, but come on.


This is a great chance for a lot of us to get together and make friends, have a good time, and NETWORK. Know what I'm saying? You can meet people at an event like this who can help you, or you can help, in whatever area of music you're involved in, amateur or pro. Think about it. Great opportunity for us all. Do not blow this off.


I'm going to email Erik, and The Curve and some other folks. I'm going to be really disapointed if this doesn't come together.

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Streets of Baltimore will be the theme song I HOPE........doubt anybody remembers that or cares! :) I have a double header that weekend, doubt I'll make it.
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We still have a pretty smallish response. I'll give it a few more weeks before I decide where to have the jam. The two choices are Orion Studios in Baltimore, or my house in Bowie, MD. The problem with the house is that I'd max out at 20 people and we couldn't play past 9pm.


Once again, please email ecj@tinderarts.com and include -


instrument you play

style you play

how many folks you're bringing



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I will try to be there.

KB Gunn

website: www.visionoutreach.net


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"You might want to post this on keyboard forum again.

Thanks -Mark"


Yeah, I also thought you might get more response if you posted this thread on some of the other boards in the forum. I know that most people visit SS&S, but you might find some potential attendees on the other boards.

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