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Shall we say Happy 23,000 to Tedster?

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Who else?


Uh, Dan South / DanSouth? If you take all of Dan's current posts and add them to his original screen name post tally, he might very well be #2 on the list. :thu:


Wouldn't THAT tick the Wewus off! :P;):D


PS What was the original, "official" formula for calculating our Tedster quotient? Do we take time (number of months) posting into account or not?

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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

Ted Hoffman got his start playing in rock and roll bands in Port Huron, Michigan. After moving to Florida in 1987 to finish a degree in Meteorology from FSU, Ted spent five years in Alaska. His job took him to Kansas City in 1995, where he still lives, posting away at the Musicplayer website like a drunken monkey.
Congrats, Ted!


I still have a Tedster-post quotient of 2.49, but this whole, post-ranking stuff Phil, Wewus, Nursers and others have spoken of makes me wonder where my 9245 rank. :confused:


Who else? [/b]

Click on the 'directory' link at the top of the page - it loads a page where you can click on the directory listing so that it sorts by number of posts... :thu:
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