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Neil Young is alive and well... I got to meet him last Friday!

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Just wanted to report that he is doing very well after his scary medical issue.


Some of you may know that Neil is an avid model/toy train enthusiast, mostly o-gauge.


He is also one of the principles in the over 100 year old train company, Lionel. Neil has designed many of the modern electronics that go in the new Lionel trains.


Well, this weekend was the semi-annual York (pa.)train show where all of us toy train geeks get together to buy/sell, and hear the latest from the major players.


One of the magazines has a forum where the various manufacturers come and talk about their upcoming stuff.


When it was Lionel's turn, out walked Neil Young, along with the CEO of Lionel. How very cool.


After the forum, Neil hung out and we chatted about trains and kids. It was vry cool talking with him in that setting. I purposely did not talk about music, as this was not the plce for that. He really was just a down to earth guy, with no "star" attitude whatsoever. He graciously took a picture with me and autographed one of my train purchases, and vowed when/if he ever makes it to the Dallas area, he's coming for dinner and an evening of playing with the train layout at my house.


Anyway, just wanted to relate my little story and to also say he is doing just fine!




Gig Rig:Depends on the day :thu:






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That is soooooooo cool!

That man is a piece of music history, and yet he's just a regular guy.

Funny how the primadonna's seem to make a splash and fade away, but the true greats who endure are just regular people.


off topic question:

My Dad -who died almost 14 years ago- was an HO scale train enthusiast during his younger years. I've got a bunch of his stuff from way back. It could be anywhere from 40-maybe 50 or more years old. I think it's pretty much all Lionel. Is this stuff valuable?

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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I've had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Young on a number of occasions. Very nice, smart, articulate, opinionated and a great guy in general.


I had no idea about his model train hobby. That's very cool. Thanks for relating the story!


- Jeff

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I have a soft spot for Neil's purpose in his passion for trains. He has, I believe, two autistic children, both adopted I believe, and he found that he could reach through to them with trains. The kids respond...the trains are a conduit, or a bridge to get through to that place in their heads autistic children go. As I have a special place in my heart for special needs kids of all sorts, I really appreciate where he's taken this.


Plus, I'm a train freak, too. And after getting back from the UK, I'd like to model some of that country. The company Hornby makes some excellent scale models of the UK's trains.


And, in Neil's case, he found the trains worked, but, that is by no means the only way. Some autistic kids can be reached by other means. Animals, particularly horses and dolphins seem to have the ability to weave a special connection with special needs kids.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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RIght On!


It was his passion for reaching out to his kids that prompted his foray into helping develop the modern electronics for lionel. He helped develop a hand held remote with a BIG red knob that his kids could use to operate the trains on the layout.


As an aside...

In a weird twist, before going to York, I had just watched "The Last Waltz" for the 85th time ;) , and thought it would be cool to meet some of those people....


..and then it happened.


Gig Rig:Depends on the day :thu:






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Great story. I too was unaware of his interest in trains. Next time ask him to come hang out on the forum. :thu:

Don't you think you should have had him autograph your guitar? :D



Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

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