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Do you wear a fedora?

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I own a fairly well worn leather style "Indiana Jones" fedora that I've had for ages. Looks great with my Bomber Jacket (don't have a bullwhip)

but I usually only wear it when it gets Real Cold - which isn't that often down here! ;)

Lynn G
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I was thinking of EoS and his remark about cheap hats and a drop of rain. Reminded me of something from my childhood I've laughed a lot about over the years.


When I was about five, one of my prized birthday gifts was a red felt cowboy hat. Had that string for under the chin. also had that white vinyl lacing around the brim.


So, one day I'm outside riding the range on my trusty steed(the tiny bike I had)when we came upon the "water hole"(the spigot in the back of the house). Like John Wayne, Roy Rogers and Rory Calhoun before me, I attempted to water my stallion like they did by filling my coveted hat with water so he could drink out of it. But instead of the hat returning to pristine condition, like theirs did, it converted to a shriveled lump of red rag. And shrunk to the size where only an apple could wear it.


Geez, reality bites at that age!



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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