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Which updates for Win 2000???

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I have just done a clean install of Win 2000 onto my computer.

The first thing I did after I got my drivers and internet access up, was to hit Microsoft's site and look for updates.


The first update -which was basically an IE Explorer update- went fine. The next one was "Service Pack 4 Express". This one gave me problems. After installing it, I was unable to reboot my machine. The error I got said that I either had a bad hard drive, or possibly a virus. I doubt that either was the case. So I ended up completely reinstalling Win 2000, and my drivers again. now I am where I started.


I'm a little nervous about trying to install the updates again. I really don't want to have to reinstall Windows again if it doesn't work.


I am wondering if I should try to install all of the updates, or only certain ones, for if I should bother with installing any at all?


Or is there something I didn't do right?


Any advice from the Windows experts would be helpful.


Here are the updates Microsoft's site wants to (These are only Critical updates and Service packs. There are a few other updates which I did not list.):


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (Windows 2000)*


Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Express Install for End Users*

(*note: this is the one that gave me trouble)


Security Update, July 19, 2000

This update resolves the "Persistent Mail Browser Link," "Cache Bypass," and "Malformed E-mail Header" security vulnerabilities in Outlook® Express, and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletins MS00-043, MS00-045, and MS00-046. Download now to help prevent a malicious user from reading e-mails and files on your computer, or using your computer to send damaging e-mails to others


Security Update, February 14, 2002 (Internet Explorer 5.01)


Q329414: Security Update (MDAC 2.6)


Security Update, April 2, 2001

This update resolves the "Erroneous VeriSign-Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard" security vulnerability


Security Update, December 20, 2000

This update resolves the "Indexing Service File Enumeration" vulnerability in Indexing Service 3.0, and is discussed in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS00-098.


Security Update for Microsoft Windows (819696)

An identified security issue in Microsoft DirectX could allow an attacker to run programs on a computer running Microsoft Windows


814078: Security Update (Microsoft Jscript version 5.1, Windows 2000)


Security Update, February 13, 2002 (MSXML 2.6)

This update resolves the "XMLHTTP Control Can Allow Access to Local Files" security vulnerability in Microsoft XML (MSXML) 2.6

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Hmmm. I'm afraid I can't be of much help. I have two machines running on Win2K Pro and I installed all the available service packs, and continue to run updates as they come up. I have had no problems with either computer.


Come to think about it, I don't think I went the express route, but the long way.


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I never had any problems either.I downloaded the SP4 full file long ago which I always install first,then any IE updates(which is usually less since Sp4 already contains many of them).On my DAW machine,I remove IE first then install Sp4 for the midi/audio ch limitation(originally with Sp 1,2).If your formatted with NTFS,sometimes even the slightest sector problems will get flagged and become unavailible to the OS.If you have a HD utiliy disk for your HD try scanning for sector problems,other than that I wish I could be of more help.
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I run a very stripped down W2K...and I stopped at SP3...plus I have no Internet Explorer or any other junk...it's a pure DAW machine.


And because it's not connected to the internet...I never bother with updates of any kind. I don't even run anti virus on the machine...I just check all my files on another computer if I'm going to bring them into the DAW...which is very rare, 'cuz mostly the files go out of the DAW.

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