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Poweramp in rack?

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Got a rack with compressor, EQ, noise gate, exciter, single rack mixer, and have a space for a power amp for drum monitor. The power amp is a single space 75 watt per side at 8 ohms. and weighs 18 lb and a rack mountable unit. Would locating it in the rack create electro magnetic noise or interference with the processing gear? Thinking of putting it at the bottom of the rack. Should the power amp be located away from this stuff? Never tried it but hate to locate it in the rack if it will cause problems with the gear. Hoping it can be put in that rack thus one less thing to kick around. Got a rolls power conditioner for this stuff. Was also thinking of getting one of those power back up units used on computers, as it would help maintain consistent voltage and hopefully clean up any electrical noise in the "house" wiring to the rack. Any advice appreciated.
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