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The best black-only printer

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I never use color print. So, I have this old Lexmark 5700 printer humming along on the Win machine, still haven't made it work on the Linux machine. Black cartridges for this are $31 with tax. I have had some streaking problems with this printer, it's not 100%. If I were to get another printer...


I have considered a printer to print CD "labels" directly onto CD blanks. That would mean Epson, I suppose. Sam's Club had a model 200, I think it was and I think it was around $80. That could so double duty, I suppose, printing to CD blanks but also general purpose b/w printing on paper.


Other than that, what do you consider the best bang for the buck b/w printer? Might be laser, huh? Could also buy a refurbished printer, might be worth checking into.

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I had really good luck with an Okidata led (lazer for all practical purposes). Thing is, the toner will last as long as a bunch of those $30.00 carts. You're looking at around $150.00.


I think my Lexmark Z32 gets around 400 pages out of a $30.00 cart where the Oki gets 2500 pages out of it's $28.00 toner cart. Makes the bill and a half price for the printer not seem so bad eh?


Here's the printer I was talking about:



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i've ben very happy with my two canon color printers. the older one is a C80, which i could never get to print exactly centered so it is used for non-cd stickers only. it does darn near photo quality.


the newer one, i forget the exact model, maybe a 5430 or something is even better.


both are night and day better than the $2800 apple laserwriter that sits in the "pile of shame"

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