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Gonna be recording a few demos this weekend and I want to get my sounds down as best as I can.


My electic guitar chain will look something like this:



Holdsworth Fatboy>Reverend Kingsnake (when it comes out, H & K stuff for now)>will try different mics here>RNC Compressor>Great River mic pre>Cubase


Acoustic guitar chain:


Takamine NP18C>Blue Baby Bottle or AT4033>RNC Compressor>Great River mic pre>Cubase


Bass guitar chain:


Fender Jazz bass>Hartke 5000 head DI>RNC Compressor>Great River mic pre>Cubase


We're recording at the drummer-guy's place and I can't remember what A/D converters he has. I think he mentioned Mark of the Unicorn.


Does anyone have any advice about the chain? Should the mic pre be last in the line? I'm gonna find me some awesome guitar tones if it kills me!




I'd be interested in what you guys think about the drum and vocal chain too. I'm gonna try the Oktava overheads mics for the drums in addition to miking the kit.

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