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i noticed this thread and would like to comment.

You can use AutoSampler for many applications:


- for sampling your preferred virtual instrument sounds

- for resampling a soundset *with* effects (think to processed drum kits, pads, etc..)

- for easily creating new very complex sounds mixing different synthesis technologies

- sound design

- for taking your best keyboards sounds to your notebook

- for converting "unconvertible" sample formats, as old samplers, or discountinued cards

- for sampling your old failing vintage keyboard

- for sampling your preferred freeware PC synth sounds, not available on a Mac


Remember that what we are going to sample is the complete processed sound, not just the starting waveforms, and because of this in a certain sense AutoSampler is the ultimate converter tool.


So, you can see how this is useful stuff for everyone..


Best Regards

Andrea at Redmatica

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Welcome Andrea,...


I can understand what you mean but for me,...I just have no use for it. My virtual instruments are in My PC which is my only PC. making a soundset with effects? I like the ability to un-effect a sound also so that one doesn't work for me also.

So maybe there's lots of people who can use it,..I can not

Greetz Boosh

Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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