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First off, you need the picture to be uploaded on a online server somewhere... then you click on "My Profile" (near the top of the page here) and then "Edit My Profile". In there you have a place to select your avatar image - insert the URL (website location) to the picture file, click update and done, and you're done.
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Originally posted by michael saulnier:

I think you have to have 50 or 100 posts or something before you have the "control" to add an avatar available to you in the control panel.


Happy posting till then!



I forgot about that - I think you're correct Michael... you need to be a senior member (over 30 posts) before you can use avatars.
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Originally posted by Groovepusher Sly:


Phil, can sheld005 post an image in his post or signature?


Sly :cool:

I think so... you just have to put the link between a pair of URL Image tags...


(IMG)URL location of the picture inserted here (/URL), except use the brackets "[]" instead of the "()".

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