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How to tell if a singer is really singing. i.e., the Orange Bowl halftime show.

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Before I go for good a quote from MSNBC... this was so funny I had to post it. Goodbye thread. Hang in there Wayne... I respect you "sticking to your guns" even though you have no bullets! :)


When Ashlee came on and began to perform, though, I literally dropped my fork. Then I cupped my hands over my ears, but it didnt help. Ashlees singing sounded like a cross between a political prisoner being tortured and a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.


I desperately searched for the remote so I could hit the mute button, but I must have misplaced it. But I also couldnt believe that someone didnt rush the stage and stop her. The local police. The FBI. Homeland security. Even an angry mob of vigilantes. Instead, they just let her keep going. Ive never felt so helpless or vulnerable in my life.


I happened to look out the window and noticed that some of my neighbors were running down the street, their hands over their ears, screaming for help. I wanted to help them, I really did. Yet I was gripped by horror and disbelief. I was practically catatonic. For their sake and for mine all I could hope for was a swift end to the halftime show.


Shrieking like a hyena giving birth, she closed her song with something that approximates the phrase, you make we wanna SCREAM! And then she waited for applause.


Instead, she got boos, the kind of irate and vindictive boos that usually occur after a pro wrestler taunts a crowd. Through the cacophony, the gentle strains of You suck! could be heard. Ashlee was escorted off the stage and through a tunnel, and lets just say the Indiana Pacers were received more warmly by Detroit fans when they walked toward the locker room after the brawl.

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There are two types of singers, good ones and bad ones. Ashlees a singer alright, a very very bad one.

She's got all the rhythm of a one legged chicken with it's head cut off.


Talentless nobody, I feel bad for her. Someone will make a fortune on her in rehab.

Hope this is helpful.


NP Recording Studios

Analog approach to digital recording.

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Originally posted by djwayne:

Of course some people "boo", So what ?? How many artists are really liked by everyone ??

Do yourself a favor, and download the video of the whole performance. It wasn't just "some people" booing. Listen to the roar of boos....every last soul in the entire fucking stadium was booing, and not by coincidence. The performance was TERRIBLE. Listen to her, then come back and tell us how great she is.


If you listen closely you can hear someone scream "YOU SUCK" at the 2:54 mark.

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We are the champions, my (hic) friends.


We'll keep on fighting till the (hic) end,


We are the champions, we are the champions,


no time for (hic) losers,


cause we are the champions (hic),


of the (hic) world.


barf, barf, barf

Living' in the shadow,

of someone else's dream....

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