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Purchasing property for ridiculously cheap??

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Anybody know about this stuff? Apparently the guy claims that you can purchase property for these ridiculous sums of money, like $300-400 with no further payments, from government tax lists (government tax sales), etc.


Anyway, just curious.



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If it sounds too good to be true...


John Beck\'s Free & Clear Real Estate System Scams

John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System Scams


Anne writes: I am one of the hundreds of people who have been scammed by John Beck's Real Estate program. I returned the Program unopened and insure, after having tried numerous telephone numbers to reach them, and email addresses that don't exist. I tried in vain to cancel this order but could not reach anyone, or a wrong number, or a phone answering service that just keep repeating itself. When the package arrived, I refused it and sent it right back unopened, and Insured. After nearly 3 weeks of trying to contact a human, I reached someone "Marvin" who told me to go to the Post Office, get a copy to confirm the delivery, and fax it to them . I was promised that my charge card would be credited once I did that. The person who faxed the info showing that it definitely had been delivered back to them, also verified that the fax also went through successfully. After about 3 tries, I called the company back, and eventually got someone who told me that there was no record in their computer that the package arrived, even though I have verification from the Post Office. She asked me to send another fax with the same information. I still have the charge on my credit card, the package infact WAS received, I paid to fax the confirmation and a cover letter and paid for it and now I am expected to pay again and go to the trouble of going back to the P.O., going back to the Fax place and paying again. SEEMS TO ME, WITH SO MANY TONS OF LETTERS LIKE THIS, THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU COULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT A COMPANY LIKE THIS, AND GET OUR MONEY RETURNED TO US!!! If you have an 800 number or any other number to contact the Better Business Bureau, I would most appreciate it.

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Wow, that's a whole lotta dirt on him. I wasn't going to send away for the stuff, but things like this sometimes pique my curiosity. Thanks!
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