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Habitat/tsunami/guitar raffle update

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Been going a bit less than two days now. Managed to raise about $350 so far. The mail ins from several of you should be here by Wednesday....raffle runs till Monday the 10th(I'll hold off on the drawing until late in the day as my postal delivery comes in about 3pm usually.)


Tomorrow, I'm getting together with the local newspaper so the locals will know about it. I'm planning on having my daughter do the drawing, but I'll have non-affiliated witnesses on hand for final judgement.


All of the info can be found at: http://www.electrocoustic.com/raffle.htm


Thank you all so much for contributing....

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We're over $450 so far....the mail ins have started arriving...


I'm closing the paypal email at noon on Monday, and the last mail in has to be on monday's postal truck.


Thanks so much for sharing.


Another update in a couple of days....


PS: Right now the odds are pretty good...ten bucks gets you a 1 in 47 chance....



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