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Clothing Drive For Tsunami Victims

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Go ahead, everyone.


Go into your closets and drawers and bureaus and all that, and pull out everything you haven't worn in the last year.


Put it all in heavy duty leaf bags, get it all together, and get in your (or somebody's) car.


No, don't bring it to me.


Find a relief agency close to you, and get it to them. Make sure they know what that stuff's for.


Be sure to post any info you find on cooperative relief agencies, where they are located, etc.


There's a global emergency on, so let's go.

Eric Vincent (ASCAP)


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Please send money NOT clothes. the last time a bunch of mismatched musicians and engineers sent clothes to a relief effort, all the newly clothed victims while clean and warm, looked like REJECTS from that FUNK BAND:PARLIMENT.

Oh the horror.you should have seen these folkes. There was more spandex and gold lame' and baseball caps than is goode for any society. MOMs and babies in Ripped metallica tee shirts and funky sparkly tennis shoes, little black vests, and elevator shoes with giant heels.

old men wearing lover boy hedbands, black tee shirts with the neck and armpits cut out. too tight jeans, and those fonky english zipper boots.

Oh my and when the country western folkes clothes got into the mix you should have seen the rhinestones and cowboy boots and big black cowboy hats..

and THEN when the GOVERNOR walked through the the shelter where all the vicims was housed(after they been clothed by rockers and twangers for relief) he saw a sight for sure.

So as the GOVERNOR saw how all the refugees in the shelter were dressed he was heard to have said: what in the HAIL???

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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Don't know how feasible this might be..but even if you guys were to collect up clothes and stuff from there and send it across to me here in Chennai, India, i in turn could get the stuff out here to the most needy.

Chennai has been quite badly hit and so i could get in touch with one of the smaller aid/ relief agencies that are doin good work here and i can see that it get's to the folks that need the stuff the most.

Vinay Vincent,

BASE Studios


"Live Jazz friday nights at The Zodiac Bar"

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No, no, no... Don't empty your clothing drawers.


* The cost of shipping donated clothing halfway around the world is more than the clothing is worth.


* Most of the clothing is made over in China; much closer than us.


* It's a tropical climate and much of your clothing may be inappropriate for the area.


* They are mostly Muslim in those areas and again your clothing may be inappropriate for those areas.


Better to give the legitimate relief agencies cash and let them coordinate the logistics themselves.

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CBC's The National had a show on about this 2 days ago, and they basically officially said 'don't send -stuff-". Cash i sabout then only thing that is managable. The persons they interviewed was from the some Canadian relief fund ( I think) and stated that it can cost 60K to send an airplane over there filled with 'stuff'.


The links I have seen are on nearly every major web site now. Apple added one yesterday, google has one. Lots of way to send cash, even a dollar.

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For anyone that does not feel that they can turn loose of even just a few dollars, if not a lot of dollars, please do keep in mind that the Red Cross is accepting blood donations at a stepped up level. Do whatever you can to do your part; even if it means paying in blood. pardon the pun ;)

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forget CLOTHES donate MONEY. these people need toilets, fresh water and shelter FIRST.


i work for a company which looks after the financial back end of some charities including red cross and oxfam, and both organisations have been quick in their response time to help out. oxfam sent two DC-30's (i think thats the cargo plane number) within 24 hours containing 250,000 dollars worth of water purification and latrine kits.


plus the australian general population has donated more then 50 million dollars! im very proud of my musician friends also, who dontated the profits of various nye events as well as passed the bucket around.


seeing as Australia is the closest big "first world" country to the disaster i just felt it would be nice to mention this to you guys... seems the french press have been slagging off australians due to nye celebrations. my friend who is in paris right now says the media is picking a fight with us as we didnt cut the fireworks short at sydney... which is stupid... they raised millions during the fireworks and had a minutes silence and constant reminders to donate!


in any case, my workload is about to triple due to all this but its worth it. i thought about going over the help also but ive been a geek/muso/office worker for so long that my science and medical credentials are very rusty (that and im a 24 year old struggling with a breakup and family death as it is). in any case, give money not goods... in financial terms money is liquid, and good are logistic hassle...


give clothes to aid agencies such as the local abused womens shelter, or orphanages or homeless shelters etc...

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