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OT: My friend Doyle Dykes

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Doyle Dykes, recently had a fairly complex surgery to remove a non malignant tumor from his inner right ear.


It could have caused a stroke and the surgery complications are balance issues (Les Paul has both forward and side to side balance issues, he told me he just closes his eyes if it happens on stage), loss of hearing and paralyization of facial muscles...


Of course he had some trepidation as expected before going under, and celebrated Christmas with his family a week early because of the schedule.


He's a private guy, but did suggest that for those who have a faith or subscribe to prayer etc it would be OK to let them know because "It couldn't hurt".


Greg Laurie, the Harvest pastor, Les Paul and sons, Dave Pomeroy and many others have stepped back and sort of waited for some word.


Doyle's daughter let me know that "He's doing well. Recovery is difficult at times... but he's physically doing very well."


So for those who care, Doyle's doing OK.


Prayers and good thoughts can't hurt, on that Doyle and I are in agreement...



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Thank you for the news, Robman2


I discovered Doyle Dykes on the first volume of the Taylor Guitars/Windham Hill cd, Sounds Of Wood & Steel. The recording of his Nothing's Too Good For A Friend was truly awesome.


I had the good fortune to be the mixer for most clinics and performances at the Nashville MARS Music. At the time I hadn't taken a close look at who played what on the SOW&S album.


One day I was told Doyle Dykes would present a clinic on behalf of his Taylor endorsement. As I wired the stage, Doyle tuned and began warming up.. with Nothing's Too Good For A Friend. I just about fell down in shock.


After confirming that it was the same person from the Taylor album, I spoke to him a bit about his style and the technique he uses, inspired by drummers' "flam". (Hitting a drum almost simultaneously with both sticks to create the same sound as a short delay.) Doyle uses two fingers to pick a single string back and forth with both fingers, first in a downstroke, then up, and so on. This allows him to play a single string very quickly while adding melody notes on other strings with his thumb and forefinger. He also spoke a bit about a technique Lenny Breau is know for in which harmonics and fundamental notes are played in quick succession creating beautiful textures.


He played several songs in the clinic and every one was so incredibly beautiful. Sweet melodies with accompanyment that shrugged off the need for other instruments.


I'm sincerely elated Mr. Dykes appears to be recovering. He's not exactly a young man, but I'd say he has many more years to create more beautiful music. :thu:

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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I wasn't aware of Doyle Dykes until he was a featured player at the MIPA awards over at the Frankfurt Messe. I just about fell off my chair, jeez that guy has talent dripping out of every pore. Jon Chappell, my sorely-missed collaborator for the original MusicPlayer.com, is a huge Doyle Dykes fan and turned me on to more elements of his playing.


The guy's a monster player and a way cool human being. I sure hope he recovers ASAP with full use of his amazing faculties. But truth be told, even if he lost half of them, he could still blow 99% of all guitar players off the stage.


Good luck Doyle!! We're cheering for ya!!!!

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I hope Doyle is doing well and the surgery was successful. I met Doyle when I shared a bill with him in at the Mint (L.A.) in '99. He and Duane Eddy were doing a duet performance. Just two fellas and their guitars. Not only is he brilliant, he is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.


Doyle you're in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

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