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Extended test drives with the loaner...

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My brother-in-law just happens to be a sales manager at our local GM dealer and whenever we take the Jimmy in for service, we [of course] get a loaner.

I've got to drive some various cool rides over the years and currently have been checking out this Olds Alero (something like that). It has some obvious quirks (cupholders aren't deep enough; sits to low-hard to get in and out of; wipers like to freeze

up), but the factory stereo in this job sounds really good. It is really open and accurate. And it isn't a case of perception from hyped sound. It just sounds real and you can really hear the space around the instruments. Every night I've had it I have a hard time going home because the stereo sounds really good. This stereo would get great for checking out mixes.

The best loaner I've probably tested out was a Tahoe or some shit like that. It was tricked out and probably booked at anywhere from 50-60 g's.


Anybody ever get a loaner that you didn't wanna give back?

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Loaner :D


Actually, i'll have to add something else:


I recently took my 1999 Ranger to the Vet (second time evar!) and got to drive a well-smoked-in Ford Focus. Not sure of the year. I always thought they were kinda neat looking cars, but they are a real kick in the pants to drive. Really. I bet that with a little bit of mods (yes, i suffer from Latent Rice-Boy Disease) those things can FLY.


It was just a quick, nimble little car. For the $12K or whatever these things go for, on acceleration you could probably meet or beat just about any "sports car" (in stock form) from 1965 on up to about the early 1980s (when the lil cars started to really go fast). And of course outhandle 90% of them.


The Escort was a gutless death trap, but at least this death trap is fun :thu:

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I get to drive different cars about every three weeks, when my day job sends me cross-country. Unfortunately Uncle Sam will only pay for the cheapest car, so I'm an expert on Neons, Escorts, and shitty Hyundais and Suzukis.

I did get a Mitsubishi Starion years ago, it was very spartan on the inside but really a blast to drive. They're few and far between, though...


Quiz of the Day: How come there's more headroom in a Neon than in any Lexus, Infiniti or Acura?


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