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Hi y'all,


In October, Jeff posted a thread about the Tranzport. It turned into a "phil"osophical interchange on the equipment review process.


My question is, has anyone used it yet? Is it ggggrrrreat? Does it suck? what is the cost? what is the release date? what is the word?

KB Gunn

website: www.visionoutreach.net


....government is a necessary evil, but it is dangerous nonetheless ... somewhat like a drug. Just as a drug that in the proper dosage can save your life, an overdose of government can be fatal.

-Neal Boortz

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I played with it for a while at AES with both PT and Sonar. Yes, it worked - even in that hellish RF environment. No, I'm not ready to write a review until I can test the actual release version and really give it a good workout. At that time, I will gladly telll everyone what I think... in EQ if the powers that be decide they want me to do the magazine review, or on my forum if not.


Last I heard, they were shooting for NAMM, or just afterwards for the release date, barring any unforseen problems.

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Hi KB,


I'm ass-deep in TranzPort at this very moment... designing the packaging that you'll see it in when you go into a store. Right now, Frontier says that it'll be right around the NAMM show (January 20-ish), as Phil said, when it starts going out to stores.


Now I'd better get back to working on the package so I'm not the reason it's any later than it already is. ;)


- Jeff

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