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Rolling Stones book, $40

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I got it as a Christmas gift...




I sure wouldn't pay $40 for about any book but this is a real good read. Very interesting stuff. It makes me appreciate them more... how serious they were/are about music and their expertise. And how it all fit into the pop/rock scene of the 60s. Fascinating how it all happened, the Stones and the Beatles. Halfway through and eager for more.

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Originally posted by Lee Flier:

Oh yeah, that's a great book. One of the better ones about the Stones, and I have just about all of em. :D

Lee, there is a book I read years ago, I believe it's called 'Sympathy for the devil' IIRC by Tony Sanchez (?). Are you familiar with it? The author is supposed to have been Brian Jones and Keiths drug dealer, and it reveals quite some interresting stuff, not just about their drug use.

For example, there is the story about how Keith hustled himself to the ownership of a yacht in the south of France, by sinking it, having it rescued by local fishermen, and then bought it off of them for very little money.

I just wonder if it is a true account.

"Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with". - Stevie Wonder
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Yeah, that's the same guy who started the legend that Keith had a complete blood transfusion to cure his heroin addiction. :rolleyes: Which a lot of people still believe to this day.


Anyway, no, most of the book is not true. Yes, Sanchez was Keith's drug dealer and Keith eventually fired him, so he had an axe to grind. Like most good yarns, most of the stories start out with a grain of truth in them and then get further and further out there as they go on. But I wouldn't take any of it very seriously.

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