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clients who write BAD CHECKS

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i got another set of checks to add to my pile of bad checks today.




most people write good checks. i have had way more checks go through than come back. but this one hit hard.


i got a pile of medical bills here, and they keep coming in. i had a couple bills get real late and they were starting to get a little nasty about it so i wrote checks for them and sent them off before all my clients checks cleared my account. MISTAKE.


i recieved several hundred dollars in NSF checks back from my bank in the mail today, PLUS a $14 service fee for each one from my lovely bank. i THINK the checks i wrote are going to be good even with this slew of NSF, but even if they are this means i am flat broke until january.


i'm pissed but not suprised. i have a pile of them here from years' past till now. i dont know what to do with them. the product is out; gone; done, and there is no money for it.


nothing seems to happen to these people but i know if i tried this shit i would get in serious trouble.


is there anything i can do? even if i dont get the money (i wont ever see it, its gone) can i somehow stickit to these guys? do they get a service charge when i try to cash the checks? can i try and cash them again? i dont know these things.


isnt it illegal to write bad checks? i realize cops are no help and do nothing good for anyone ever so should i even bother talking to those scum?


like if they got a $15 service charge everytime their check came up NSF i could try and cash them 30 times and then they would be out the money they owe me?


i have clients that pay by checks that are always good. i have employers that pay by check that are always good. but from now on, new clients pay CASH before i even start to do anything. the end.


i wont be working for this guy ever again. this is the second time he burned me, first time wasnt for money but thats it; relationship over.


i had a bad feeling about it when i met him too, like i should just run. i shouldve listened to my gut feeling. i need to follow my instincts more, it turnes out they are correct a lot of the time.

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Well, you could start by reporting them to credit agencies, I guess. Don't know if it'd do any good, but it might be worth a shot.

Otherwise, put up a page on a website with photocopies of the bad checks, and draw a lot of attention to it.

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If it's over $250 in most states that's a class B felony, and they can be arrested for it. call the local police station and ask to speak to a detective. ask them what the procedure is.


Small claims court is an option, but usually if they don't intend ot pay, not a good one, as you must enforce the judgement if they do not pay, ie hire a marshall to arrest them for violating the order, but first you ahve to go back to SCC and have the warrant sworn out by the judge, which you also pay for, blah blah blah. Been there, done that, not worth it.


Or go visit them with a few big friends. sometimes a beat'n is the onlty thing they understand.

Hope this is helpful.


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Originally posted by where02190:


Or go visit them with a few big friends. sometimes a beat'n is the onlty thing they understand.

That works much better than any legal methods.

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Dave, Ive often wondered why you do things this way. I understand that you want to trust these people, but trust wont pay your bills. Id definitely do a cash-only arrangement if I were in your situation. In fact, Id require 50% cash up front.


A lot of these musicians around here (Fargo) are of the opinion that theyre going to be big, rich rock stars one day and will step on whomever they have to in that pursuit. Dont be a stepping stone, Davey.

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Theres a company here in Madrid (cant find the name right now)

Basically you hire a guy, dressed in a tuxedo, to follow your deadbeat around town carrying signs saying things like "This guy writes bad checks" or in a specially painted car, harassing him until he pays up.

Of course in the States you'd probably be sued for doing that

Anyway, its a real shame that everyone needs to suffer because of one asshole

Good luck, wish I could be of some help


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Don't feel too bad. In NY it's $24-36, with $30 being the average. I forgot about my life insurance policies and moved all the funds out of an account in anticipation of closing said account.


I went to the bank yesterday to close up, I was overdrawn $95.00 Turns out all three insurance debits came in, I had deposited a check that did not clear yet, the bank (as always,) tries to process the largest debit 1st. Three ISF, but at least the bank paid them. Each was $32


So the -$95 in my account would have been a non issue if I'd left $60 in my account - the total of the three life insurance policies...

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You can call the bank that the checks are drafted from and inquire as to whether or not the account has sufficient enough funds for the checks to clear. Immediately upon notification of adequate funds, run the checks through again. Yes, you may run the checks through a second time; but to avoid penalties, make sure the funds are in the account. You can do this with ALL of the checks that have been returned regardless of how old they are unless there is a date written on the check as to a time of expiration.


The banks cannot tell you how much money is in an account, but they are allowed to tell you whether or not a check has adequate funds to clear.

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There are bad customers and good ones.

A few simple rules

New (or problem) client depoist for booking.

All terms on a contract.

anything extra (Extra contract)

No masters (even a casette) until funds clear

Get a Visa/Mastercard merchant account or use paypal.

You will be surprised at how fast cash appears when nobody gets nothing till it's paid for.

FWIW if you get a cheque call the bank check to make sure funds are in the account. Or have your bank call the customers bank.

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