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proposal for recognition of new words

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i am hereby proposing that we all just accept that "teh" is a legitimate word. same with "smae", "concpet" and all the other words that i regularly mispell from typing too fast. and, btw, my wife's name is now snady...


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On a serious note, I "took" an online test awhile back where most of the words were misspelled as we all tend to do on these forums.


The point of the test was to show that even with those misspellings, our minds still see the proper word.


Just as with this thread, I read right through it and had no trouble reading every word.


Besides, hukt ahn fonix wurkt fer mee ;)


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I recall a recent thread on the subject of recognition of mis-spelled words.

The theory seems to be that, at least for common words in context, almost any jumble of the letters is recognizable if the initial & final lettes are correct.

I suggest that [stay with me people] for purposes of correct spelling of mistyped words that that* guide be adhered to, i.e., first & last letters in proper place.


[*I love that "that that"* ;) ]

[*& even more, that 'that "that that" ' :freak: ]

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