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Anybody else here who plays Marimba?

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I gave my one awy when when i left LA in '84 and never bought another one. It was a Studio 49 model extra made for me with over 5 octaves. I plan to buy one again, maybee a Musser M500 Concert Grand Soloist.


Has anything changed in what's the best Marimba?


I may call Emil Richards or Joe Porcaro to ask for their advice, hope their are still alive.



-Peace, Love, and Potahhhhto
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Someone here actually built his own marimba, and actually posted his rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Lee Flier! He posted under the moniker "Hank the Cave Peanut", I think it might be Geoff Grace and Soapbox before that, but everyone changes their handle so often I can't keep track anymore.

The only "advancement" I know about is the marimba capo, which was an offshoot of the piano capo recently developed. Wewus can fill you in about that.

Disclaimer: This poster is full of shit in his second paragraph... :P


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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