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I believe that if you KNOW the file is from a reputable source, Microsoft for instance, you can safely RUN the file without having to save it.


The advantage to this is that you don't populate your hard disk with files that you may not need later on.


Why download and save a file to your hard disk when you can easily go back to Microsoft's web site and download it whenever you need it? If that file contains DRIVERS, then those drivers may indeed be updated the next time you need them. The file you saved on your hard drive may then be out of date.


So, while it seems elementary, it all depends on where you're getting the file, if you feel confident that it is safe, if you may need that file later on, and if you're on a fast internet connection. If you're on dial-up and the file is large, that's another reason to save the file if you think you may need it later.


Happy Holidays!


Tom :cool:

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