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What would you do?

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The week before Thanksgiving a drunk driver (who was completely legless... he couldn't hardly stand up) hit my wife's Dodge Grand Caravan about 10pm at night. He ran a red and smashed into the front driver's side wing up to about a foot into the driver's door at about 50 mph. :mad:


Luckily for my wife, the bastard hit her there and not 2 feet further over! :eek: She's was very badly battered and bruised, but no broken bones thank goodness. She's still suffering from the bruised ribs but is much better. She should be back to normal by Christmas.


It turns out that he was driving on a suspended license (already has a DUI charge), has no insurance, and tried to flea the scene of the accident on foot (but he didn't get far, cuz the local residents followed him!). The cops dragged him off to Jail.


So, last week, the cops call my wife for a "victim's statement", and my wife gets talking to them about what's going to happen regards his prosecution etc. That's when they told her that this clown was released and then failed to appear in court, so now there's a warrant out for his arrest (actually, there's three!).


Should I offer a reward to a PI or bail bond company and have them chase the bastard down? When they find him, should I sue him regardless of the fact that he has no money? Should I go after the owner of the Jeep Cherokee that he was driving? Go after his family? What do you think?


Here's a piccy of the damage:





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Once he's caught, sue him and make sure he stays behind bars for a very long time. If that's not feasible, I would still hope he is kept as a prison bitch for many years to come.


I don't have any immediate or related family/friends with losses or injuries due to drunk driving, but I still have absolutely zero tolerance for these people.

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I understand you're angry with this scumbag, but...

I'd say it's probably not worth the trouble.


Sure you can sue him, and probably win, but he's not likely to have any money you can take - and even if he does, your lawyer will likely get a substantial percentage.


People in his boat do not understand the concept of cause and effect, or the idea of taking care of their business. The more you deal with them, the more you lose.


So I advise letting it go, unless you have an Italian cousin from New Jersey who'd be willing to cut off a few of the guys fingers for you...

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You can't get blood from a stone, however the owner is a different story. You can sue the his sinurance company, and bring a civil suit against him personally as the vehicle onwer.


Best is to talk to an attorney. You can talk to several, as any fo them will give you a one time consult for free, and with a bit of legwork, you can probably find a decent one that'll take the case pro bono if the potential yield is great enough.


Sounds to me like you've got a pretty good case against the vehicle owner for neglegence.


As far as the operator, like I said you can't get blood from a stone, and it sounds like the guys a pretty big loser, so it's unlikely he'll ever have anything if you did win a settlement against him, but keep on the local authorities, go to the media, (maybe an e-mail to americas most wanted) and eventually this scum will be caught. When that happens, in many states you ahve the right as a victim to be notified, and you can then show up at hsi bail hearing to voice your views on why he should be remanded into custody and not given bail AGAIN!!!!!!

Hope this is helpful.


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Definitely don't let this go. The motherfucker urinal-scumlicker (sorry, I know I shouldn't say such nice things about him, he doesn't deserve it) will go out and kill someone. Do whatever you can.


It's the bail bondsman's job to send a bounty hunter to nab the shithead (damn, there I go again being nice). But, clean him out. Doesn't matter if he has money or not. Do whatever you can to keep this asshole off the streets.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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