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Who makes the best drum samples?

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The ST stuff is pretty good. I don't know if it's the best. It's not much help that I can't think if the names of some other makers, but the acoustic drums in ST can get the job done.


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Check out Drum Kit From Hell and Drum Kit Drum Hell Superior. I've heard stuff done with those that is very hard to tell from the real things.


There seem to be two "camps" for drum samples, Fxpansion's BFD is the other camp.


Most often, there is a tendency for discussions of drum libraries to break down into a "Mac vs. PC" style shootout.


Both BFD and Superior come with thier own sample players that have some pretty neat features too.

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I don't know bout "best".


However, I've got some 16 bit Steve Gadd samples that I think are really good.


Unfortunately, these samples are in audio format- so you have to build you own presets.


I find the toms and cymbals to be particularly useful.

Check out some tunes here:


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Vote #2 for Drum Kit From Hell. Beautiful stuff. Best for pop/rock.



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