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One for the Wewus

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Me and Gary, not so tight anymore. I'm not sure where he's going with this talking to dead people shit. That never came up when I knew him.


What he's doing is picking people's memories of their dead relatives from THEM, from their "consciousness" for lack of a better word, and feeding it back to them. He is not talking to dead people, because dead people ARE DEAD. I can pretty much guarantee that, and.........I think what he's doing is sick as hell. REALLY BAD SCAM.


Gary IS a real psychic, but he doesn't have a lot of scruples, because of the way he was raised. He grew up in a poor family in Star N.C. You'll notice he NEVER mentions that.


He never got into this talking to dead people thing until that other program came out, CROSSING OVER, or whatever it was, and then he jumped on the bandwagon. That's one reason why he won't talk to me, because he knows I know he's full of shit.


He's squandering his talent to make money.


He really is psychic though, that's what's so weird.


BEING PSYCHIC means being able to read THE PRESENT, what is not known, but there is no huge backlog of dead people waiting to talk to their relatives.


That's a fucking fantasy

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