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mic/phones for minidisk recorder?

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finally i've got a minidisk. Now I need a mic for it. I know it's better to use a regular mike plus a pre-amp, but this makes it less portable. There are some sony stereo models on the market - are they good? Any alternatives that might be better?

Next thing - i also want to pick some cheap phones. (the little in-ear ones). There are plenty of them on the market but i know there are big differences in quality/comfort even in the some-10$ price range. Often you can't even try them in the store - so what are your reccomendations to look for? Are there any preferable brands or are the similar quality? I'm not willing to spend more than 50$ because I already have the Sennheiser hd570, but they are big and not so well portable.

Or doesn't it matter and they are all pretty much the same?

Thanks for any opinion,


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I've had good luck with the Audio-Technica AT822.


I use a Sony portable minidisc with this mic and get very good results.


Tom :cool:

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I went out and bought a Sony stereo battery operated condensor mic geared to vid and MD use. But since it was $95 at discount I'm not going to dig it out to get the number off it.


It's... okay. It has the feel and quality of something that would be about $60 from any other manufacturer. About what I expected.


I was hoping (against hope -- I already new better) I'd be able to use it with my laptop (dream on, fool) but, of course, the laptop has a mono in for the standard cheapo 'computer' mic (typically either an electret or a trickle-power condenser [but not phantom, of course, that would be too flippin' easy, eh?].)


But the stupid LI-ion battery in my (now 5 or 6 year old) Sharp MD dies if you look at it cross-eyed. YOu need to prepare well ahead if you want to use it, because, of course, keeping it plugged in will damage the wildly expensive LI-ion battery...


It sure makes me appreciate my laptop (knock on wood) which takes so many lickins and keeps on... ah, never mind. You get the idea.

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Thank you guys for the info. So it seems like I would get about the same quality for lower price if I would NOT go with sony mikes. As I expected in fact.

Wow that AT822 seems very very nice as i'm looking into specs but..hmm..maybe some next time. It's a little higher in the price range I could afford right now. You know - a thing here, a thing there and we are quickly on big money. My priority right now is to get a rhodes ;)

So does anyone have any experience with some cheaper alternatives? Like blue1 said of 60$. Or maybe 100$ at the very max. Or maybe just know about them..please share your opinions..

Thanks again,


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